5 Workouts To Get You Fit Fast

There are so many of us who are trying to achieve the health goal of getting into shape and leading a healthier lifestyle.  However, even though you try your hardest to get fit fast, it isn’t always easy to get to your goal as quickly as you desire.  You try your hardest to work hard in the gym and change your eating habits, but you just aren’t accomplishing the fit part of it in the amount of time that you looking to accomplish.  Therefore, when you have come to this point in your routine, it means that you need to find workouts, and exercises, that are going to help speed up the process.

There are 5 specific types of workouts that you can use that will help you reach your weight goal in the fastest amount of time that you could hope for.

Deadlift-To-Overhead Press

The deadlift-to-overhead press is an incredibly simple and easy workout to achieve. The only thing that you have to do in this workout, is to simply pick up a heavy object off of the floor, and then lift it up over your head, and you can use any type of heavy object to accomplish this exercise. You can use a pullup bar squat stand for this, especially when you plan to use weights. But several different objects that many individuals use include items such as medicine ball, barbell, sandbag, a dumbbell, and there are few who even use another person. Before you begin this exercise, you need to be sure and have a good form, which means you will want your butt out, your knees bent, your back straight, and looking forward. After you have accomplished this form, you will then want to take the next step and do a deadlift, which is picking up the heavy object from the ground. Once you have picked it up, then slowly lift it above your head, and use the muscles in your legs and your hips to drive the weight up above your head. It is a very effective workout to help you lose weight quickly, and get into tip-top shape.

Medicine Ball Slams

The medicine ball slams are a very unique and amazing way to help you get fit quickly, and they are also able to:

  • relieve stress
  • build athleticism
  • build power

With all of these aspects combined, it is no wonder that this workout has been a popular one for most individuals looking to quickly get into shape. It is very easy to learn, and is a wonderful full-body exercise to use to reach your weight loss goal. To begin this exercise, you will get a medicine ball, raise your arms up over your head, then bring your arms down and release the ball slamming it into the ground as hard as you are able to. You will want to be sure to avoid having the ball smack you in the face as it comes up, and this is a very effective exercise that will help you to build up muscle and tone down fat in your body.

Turkish Get-Up

There is a very unique workout that is popular for fast toning and shaping of the body, and this is called the Turkish Get-Up. When you want to use this exercise, you will begin by laying on your side, and make sure to have a dumbbell in your hand, and have it held out at arm’s length. Then from this specific position, you will need to stand, and as you do this, keep the dumbbell at arm’s length and up over your head. During this action, you will only have the one arm, and both of your legs, to help you stand and push the weight of the dumbbell while you are standing. Even though the Turkish get-up workout is considered to be a difficult one to use, it is one of the best ways to get fit as quick as you possibly can, therefore, making it one of the best exercises to use.


One of the most successful workouts that you can use, that is also used most frequently by expert fitness trainers, is burpees and they are one of the exercises that many hate to do, but love to use because they are incredibly effective.  As long as you achieve the proper amount of intensity and focus, it can give you the best full body workout in minutes. To properly achieve a burpee, you will begin at a standing position, then squat down and put your hands on the ground, kick your legs out behind your body, then kick your legs back into a squatting position, and then you will stand and jump as you swing your arms back up and over your head. You can do anywhere from 5-20 burpees, and the best time to do them is in the morning, because it energizes your body and mind for the day.

Swing Squats

Swing squats will work effectively at a quick pace, if you give your all to them, and push yourself vigorously through them. These will get your heart rate up with only a few repetitive movements, and it is an incredibly strength building and cardiovascular exercise. To achieve swing squats, you hold a dumbbell, with your arm outstretched, down by your feet, then drop down into a squat and push your butt out behind you, keep your feet firmly planted to the floor, but keep your back straight. You will then swing the dumbbell up as you slowly begin to stand halfway up, then reverse your direction and drop back down to a full squat position again, and then you will want to stand strong as you swing the dumbbell up and over your head.

In conclusion, these different types of hard workouts, are an incredibly successful way to achieve the quick weight loss that you are desiring to achieve. They will help you to keep your body in the right kind of shape and allow you to reach the goal of getting fit in the fastest way. These exercises are incredibly popular in a gym, and they are used by several different professional trainers, and so many individuals have found these workouts to be incredibly effective.  If you are looking for workouts to get fit fast, then these 5 exercises are the perfect way to get there.

Maintaining a Healthy Glowing Skin

Doesn’t everyone want the most beautiful skin? Also shouldn’t everyone treat their skin like gold every day? But the real question is, why don’t we? Now the answer to that question is not easy, because it depends on the person, and the life they live. Not everyone has a natural glow to them, and some have to work really hard to even stop getting blemishes. Even then it may be noticeable that their skin is not perfect. The one thing we can do as humans though is treat our skin the best we could. To help you out with how you can start, or even continue taking care of your skin in the best way, here are some suggestions.


To start off, chemicals are not always the best option for every type of skin, and here is why:

  • Harsh on skin internally
  • Dry the skin out, a little or even a lot!
  • Bad smell
  • Might even make things worse
  • Your skin may react negatively to the chemicals


Who doesn’t love some fun in the sun? The rays of the sun can be harsh over time, but when you take the right actions while soaking up the rays, such as sun lotion, your skin will be thanking you.

  • The sun may give you a nice tan
  • Make skin soft to the touch
  • Help your skin from breaking out
  • Not show as many wrinkles if any


Here are a few types of foods from home that have made their way into a face mask or scrubs, that you may try at home to see if they work for you, to give you that happy skin glow.

  • Egg white
  • Beer (believe it or not)
  • Berries
  • Cold Clamshells
  • Wine
  • Wax treatment
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Guacamole
  • Honey


  1. Tropical Mask Mash – one banana with one tablespoon of organic honey and mix that until a smooth paste forms, and allow the mask on for 10 to 20 minutes. Then wash well with warm water and then cold.
  2. Chai Mask – for a delicious smelling facial mask, that also gently exfoliates skin. In a small bowl or container, mix one tablespoon of any type of honey and one and a half teaspoon each of cinnamon and nutmeg. Then what you want to do is rub that mix on to the surface of your face and let it sit in for a good 25 minutes. Then to remove the mask, you would want to use a warm wash rag and rinse with cold water. This is good for a person with oily or normal skin.
  3. Guacamole Mask – for extra dry skin, mash half of a ripe avocado with two tablespoons of any type of honest and gently apply mask to your face. Then let the mask sit for about 25 minutes and then after letting it sit for that time rinse with a warm wash rag and then cold water. This mask is meant for more along the lines of skin that tends to be dry.
  4. Cool Cucumber Mask – this one is especially great for oily, flaky, or inflamed skin. Blend 1/2 of a cucumber with one tablespoon of any type of honey and one teaspoon of bentonite or kaolin clay. Apply to the surface of your face and neck and leave on for about 20 to 25 minutes. Remove with a washcloth and warm water then rinse face and neck with cold water. This mask in general is good for all skin types, especially cooling for acne prone skin or someone who may sweat a lot.


Brighten – What you want to do is, cut a slice of ripe papaya and remove the seeds and pulp. The rub the inside of the papaya peel on your freshly cleansed face. With this mask you can focus on the lines around the mouth, eyes, crow’s feet, thinning temples, neck and hands. From there let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with a warm wash rag, and then with cold water. You can use this mask more then twice a week for better results. If you haven’t got the patience to do it this way, you can try one of these 3 best lightening creams to achieve positive results much faster.

Exfoliate – In this scrub you are going to want to combine 1 tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of olive oil. The to the side you want a plain packet of oatmeal. While cooking the oatmeal, use less water so it will be nice and think for a good mask. After heating up the oatmeal add the honey, and olive oil mixture to the mix, and apply to clean face. You want to start rubbing in gently and in small circles over your skin, while avoiding the eye area. After letting the mask sit for a good 15 to 20 minutes you can wash it off with a warm wash rag, then cold water. You can apply the mask as many times in a week as you would like, but you may not see a different change until the 2nd or even 3rd time using the mask.

Now, before I leave you with all this great knowledge of skin mask, and scrubs, a few times in the article you have read that I have stated to wash with a wash rag then rinse with cold water. The reason for that being, after doing all these tricks to your skin, that combination of water open and closes your pores in the best way.

Innovative Charging With Phone Cases

charger caseGone are the days of your smart phone battery draining as you’re in the middle of a city trying to follow maps to your destination. No more getting in trouble with your significant other because your cell battery died whilst you were at that party and couldn’t call to check in.

Thanks to phone case charger technology, we now have the ability to almost double the smart phone battery lives which guarantee that we can remain online for longer and stay connected.

In a world with big demands where we are always online we can no longer afford to be let down by our technology, such is the importance of the role they provide.

There are a host of great cases on the market which appeal to different people, however, we don’t intend to review any cases here as that’s been done many times already.

Instead, we’ll take a look at the innovative charging technology used in these cases and decipher how they work and how well they perform in the real world.

How Does Phone Case Charger Technology Work?

The case themselves have a built in charge that is the equivalent of a full charge so it’s ready to be tapped into at any point you need some juice. With the ability to transfer power to your phone periodically throughout the day, it will keep you up and running all day.

The cases have a battery on button usually on the reverse of the smart phone and many wait until 90% of the battery life has been drained before they switch on their backup battery and begin charging.

The built in battery remains constantly connected so when you charging your phone via a USB or a wall charger it also recharges the battery case which removes the trouble of having to charge two items separately. Another nice feature is that when you charge your phone in the case the phone takes priority and the charger only begins to recharge itself once the handset is already at 100%.

Although phone cases look more aesthetically pleasing than they once did, they do make your phone a little fatter but on the plus side they protect the phone from drops which can easily crack a screen.

The average extra life span a phone case charger will provide you is around 5-6 hours extra which equates to an additional 75% – 90% life – not bad for cases which cost around $100.

The phones connect to the case battery using the regular charging port that a wall charger attaches to.

Switching the case chargers on and off is easy thanks to toggle technology which is simple and effective.

Some models include the ability to remove the battery pack from the charger case which gives you the opportunity to carry multiple spare batteries with you to protect you should you run through your phone battery and the additional case battery. This could be particularly useful if you’re camping or anywhere where you don’t have access to electricity for a sustained period of time.

The only downside of that is that you may lose the spare batteries or not want to carry them with you but on the whole that’s a minor point bearing in mind the flexibility afforded to you.

I’d rather keep it on my phone at all times so that I don’t lose track of the thing.

In Summary

Phone case chargers are a relatively new technology along with other methods such as wireless charging. Ultimately, both seek to solve the same problem – being powerless when you need it.

With our phones being used for every facet of our waking life (alarm, notes, calendar, calls, emails, activity tracking, diet tracking, music etc) and even our sleep period (alarm, sleep tracking app, relaxation audio, sleep hypnosis apps etc) we simply can’t live without them anymore.

It’s clear that the technology is here to stay and until we fight a more convenient way to charge up our smart phones when on the go, charging cases are going to prevail.

This could just be the biggest leap in smart phone innovation for a very long time.

Tips for Longer Lasting Mobile Phone Battery

mobile phoneMany smartphone users enjoy the powerful features packed into their phones but they will love to a longer lasting battery. In fact, with the new thin and sleek phone designs, more powerful processors, and bigger and brighter screens, most phones now consume more power. But they have less space to accommodate bigger batteries. Therefore, this article presents several tips which users of smartphones can use to make their phone battery last longer.

1. Switch the phone off when inactive

Switching your phone off for a few hours can extend the life of your battery. If you are not going to use the phone while you are sleeping or during a meeting, you can save a significant amount of power by keeping the phone off.

Repeated charging reduces the battery volume for certain kinds of batteries. So it is better to allow such batteries to rest so that their original capacity can be retained for a longer time.

2. Shorten the Screen Timeout

The screen timeout determines how long the screen light will stay on after you have finished interacting with it. You can lock the phone immediately after you finish using it or set the screen timeout to 15 seconds or less. Maintaining shorter timeout duration for the phone will reduce the drain on the phone battery when you are not using it.

3. Close all unnecessary applications

The multi-tasking ability of smartphones is one of the features that make them very powerful. But most times, users end up opening one app after another one and they forget to close them. This is one of the reasons why phone batteries get drained very fast.

Check the list of open applications on your phone as often as you can and close all the ones you are not using. You can also use an app that manages multitasking to conserve the life of the battery. A good example is Advanced Task Killer on Android.

4. Disable GPS when it is not needed

The global positioning system is used by some apps to help you determine your location and send you relevant information. For instance, Google Maps uses GPS to send relevant maps that can be used in your current location. However, when these apps are allowed to run in the background, they will keep on sending and receiving signals. This drains the power of your phone battery. Therefore, it is better to close these kinds of apps when you know you don’t really need them. In addition, you should turn off NFC and LTE to reduce the constant draw on battery power.

5. Switch off 3G/4G, Bluetooth and WiFi

Your phone consumes a lot of energy whenever it has to search for radio signals such as 3G, Bluetooth or WiFi. Frequent searches will drain your battery.

Bluetooth and WiFi, in particular, should be turned off when you don’t need to get connected. For instance, you can switch your phone to “Airplane Mode” to automatically disable those network services. Also, when you need to use these network services, make sure your phone is receiving good signals so that you can conserve battery power.

6. Reduce Facebook, Twitter and Email polling

Every notification from sites like Facebook, Twitter, or from email and other online services will cause your phone’s screen to light up, vibrate, or give a particular sound to alert you. Many of these notifications are not even necessary. So to extend the life of your battery, you should only permit the notifications that are important to you such as new text messages. You can set notifications from Facebook, or Twitter to be done manually. Then you can check for updates when you are actually prepared to look at them.

7. Reduce screen brightnessbattery

Dimming your screen can drastically reduce your phone’s power consumption. Your screen light comes on anytime you interact with your phone or when it needs to alert you about an incoming call or message. If the screen light is bright every time this happens, it will have a significant impact on the battery power. The auto-brightness feature on most smartphones maintains the brightness at an optimal level but it may be better to use the dimmest level that you can use to read without experiencing eye strain.

8. Turn off vibration

Phone vibration is very useful when you don’t want your phone to disturb others during meetings or at public gatherings. But vibrations actually consume much more power than ringtones. Hence, to save battery power, you should only use ringtones as the default method of receiving incoming alerts. Remember that vibrations shake the battery and the entire phone. But if you must use vibrations, make sure you reduce the magnitude to the lowest value allowed by your phone.

9. Watch the network signal strength

Always keep an eye on the signal strength of the network as you move around. If you come into a place that has poor network coverage, your phone will use more power to locate and use the strongest network signal. If you find out that your network service provider’s signals are weak in an area where you spend a lot of your time, you should consider changing your provider. Or you may switch your phone to “Airplane mode” if you are in a place where you don’t need voice calls or data services and the signal strength is very weak.

10. Update your apps

Updating or upgrading your apps can help you to lengthen the life of your battery. Most applications are frequently updated to consume less battery power. Although you may set up your phone to install automatic updates, some apps may still require you to install updates manually. If you are using an Android phone, you should check the Google Play app store by using the My Apps icon on the main menu.

11. Turn off live wallpaper and home screen animations

Most of the home screen widgets consume power that you can easily save by turning them off. Some of these home screen features draw live status updates that are of little value to you. Animated wallpaper should also be turned off to conserve energy.